About us

Swaralayam Vanitha Shinkari Melam

Who We Are?

Swaralayam shinkarimelam is a 22 members group of Kuruvattur Grama Panchayath Kudumba sree unit. Reaching our fabulas fourth year. We Successfully completed 388 stages, it includes Tamilnadu, Andhra, Maharashtra and Karnataka states. Onam celebration at Chennai, Madras Craft Foundation, program held at Mumbai for Aghila Bharatha Mahila Nadan kalamela are the best examples for our consistent performance. Through Inaugural functions, festivals, processions and all other celebrations we creates a mark in public, doing the program as a group of 9 to 21 members using Chenda and ilathalam under the experienced trainer Mr.Sunil kumar Paimbra and coordination of Mr. Anil kumar.

Team Management


The team coordinator of Swaralayam vanitha Shinkari Melam.

Team Trainer

The team trainer of Swaralayam vanitha Shinkari Melam.